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The Wines of Verona

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 Itinerary and Booking

Introducing the Wines of the Veneto

Verona is the capital of Italy’s wine trade, hosting the country’s most important wine fair, Vinitaly (22nd – 25th March 2015) each year.  For this reason the city has developed a specialist interest in wine.

Over the last 20 years the quality of wines made in the Veneto has grown far beyond the advances that can be credited to improved techniques within the industry. Surrounding the city are three famous wine areas, the Valpolicella, Soave and Bardolino.  To these classic areas have been added the Lessinian hills, where the Durello grape has been rediscovered (producing a pleasant sparkling white wine) and on the southern shore of Lake Garda the Lugana wines and Bianco di Custoza, which have both captivated the international markets, for easy drinking every day wines.

Greatest among Verona’s wines is undoubtedly Amarone, the queen of Valpolicella – which at its best deservedly ranks among the finest reds of the world.  White wines too have a champion in Soave, where a new DOCG was created in 2002 for Soave Superiore in recognition of the improved quality.

This trip has been organized with private access to some of the region’s most renowned producers, including a wonderful day with the Counts Guerrieri Rizzardi.  Recognised for their outstanding contribution to wine growing in the Valpolicella, Countess Rizzardi is Italy’s first woman to be awarded Italy’s highest award, the Cavaliere del Lavoro by the Italian President.

Introduction to Verona

Since Roman times Verona has enjoyed healthy trade, being strategically situated in a loop on the River Adige, at a virtual crossroads between northern Italy and Austria.  During the Middle Ages the city flourished under the Della Scala family, a dynasty of warrior merchants who built the imposing Castelvecchio (Old Castle) now home to the wonderful Civic Art gallery.  The Venetians took over the city’s reins in the Renaissance and held on until their defeat by Napoleon, at which point the Austrians moved in building their forts in the green hills over the river. The city is extremely beautiful not least for this architectural historic ‘hodge podge’ of Roman, medieval, Renaissance and Baroque styles contained within the river’s sweep.

A Tailor Made Trip for Wine Clubs and Private Groups

This tour is recommended for private parties of ten or more.  It is perfect for wine enthusiasts who wish to enjoy the romance of Italian wine culture.

On this exclusive wine tour to Verona, you can engage with the wine producers directly in the terroir. Since our special arrangements at wineries are designed with the producers the visits are more rewarding and uniquely allow you to source restaurant quality wines. Enjoy case discounts for wines you love and convenient delivery for orders.

A private driver will take care of the driving, so you can better enjoy the beauty of the region, food and of course the wine.



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