Lehmann JAMESSE PRESTIGE Grand champagne 45 cl


JAMESSE PRESTIGE RANGE made by LEHMANN glass – white, red and sparkling wine glasses

At the recent London Wine Fair 2014, these individually hand blown wine glasses stood out for their elegance, beauty and boldness. For celebrating a special occasion with a special wine, these glasses are perfect to show, enjoy and mark the moment.

Each of these large and generous glasses deepen to a narrow point, whilst optimising the surface area of still wine within the glass.   The deeper point makes it easier to swirl a younger wine or rest a mature wine whilst the curvature of the bowl captures the aromatics.

The narrower Champagne glass similarly enhance the precise effervescence of sparkling wines.  As well as enjoying vintage Champagne, try a Franciacorta Satèn or a good quality Mosato d’Asti to show off the prominent aromatics that so often characterise good Italian sparkling wines.

Made with lead free crystal, the glasses stand out for their brilliance and transparency.  Yet in spite of the generous size, they are incredibly light.  It is this quality feel to the touch and the aromatic pleasure of the wine in these glasses that heighten the sensory pleasure, as much as the clarity of the glass or elegant design.

The range is named for Philippe Jamesse sommelier at the Michelin-starred Domaine Les Crayères.  Lehmann glasses is a French company,  which has been creating prestigious wine glasses for 30 years.

Lehmann Glass


Note:    Irregularities in handmade mouth blown items

Handmade crystal glasses may contain small bubbles and slight variations between each item.  This is a perfectly natural occurrence in the manufacture of handmade mouth blown items.

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